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Thursday, Apr 30, 2015

Earlier this year Amphinicy Technologies has been invited by EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation to participate in EU-Japan Partner

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Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015
A spacecraft Dragon attached to the ISS with the mechanical arm made by a Canadian manufacturer. (

Before an idea becomes science, it is fiction. In the mind of an engineer, bringing an idea to light is an exciting and demanding process. Space exploration and travel is more than an idea. It is a passion and an ambition.

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Tuesday, Feb 03, 2015
BUG future show

Is the future already knocking on our doors and are we ready to embrace the (un)expected?

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Friday, Dec 05, 2014
(Photo: Mission Operation Center in Redu, Belgium
(Photo: Mission Operation Center in Redu, Belgium

The organization of the fifth edition of SPACE-DAYS was held in Transinne (Redu), Belgium, on 13-14 October 2014. Under the theme ‘Space Value on Earth’, SPACE-DAYS 2014 focused on a very topical issu