ISO 9001

Amphinicy is an ISO 9001 certified company


ISO 9001


Quality Policy Statement


Amphinicy's vision is to become a leading software company in the satellite industry and at the same time a company where people want to work. Our mission is to follow and boost the satellite industry.

Our path to success is built upon the cornerstones of knowledge, expertise, and quality. We maintain our competitive advantage through continuous improvement across key business aspect, with a particular focus on:

  • Quality of the solutions we provide to our clients
  • Fostering a culture of expertise of our employees
  • Ensuring consistent on-time delivery
  • Quality of communication with our clients
  • Regular and transparent measurements of the quality of our products
  • Delivering additional value to our clients and improving their competitiveness
  • Constantly working on improvement of our processes 

The above objectives shall be achieved by:

  • Employing only professional and ambitious people who will have the possibility and obligation to continuously work on self-improvements
  • Following relevant technological trends in the industry
  • Monitoring the quality of our services, processes and systems and continuously strive to improve it
  • Setting ambitious, measurable and achievable goals, in order to prevent degradation of quality due to lack of time
  • Continuously following legislation, regulations and best industry practices
  • Nurturing the partnership with our suppliers in order to get only the best possible services


Acting by the quality policy is the obligation of all Amphinicy d.o.o. employees.


Approved by

Toni Jelavić, CEO

1. 2. 2024.