It's that time of the year...

Thursday, Dec 14, 2023 - Posted by Monika GRUENWALD
Season's greetings

It's the time of the year when we all rush, hasten and flit between year-end closures, holiday preparations and shopping lists, when everything and everyone seems to be filled with stress, and adrenaline, and with too little time on their hands. Moreover, outside it's cold, dark and grey. 

But wait! Hold your horses - or reindeers - for a moment, breathe deeply and lean back. Feel it, on the horizon, in the air, all around you - the holidays are near! Open your hearts and your doors to friends, family, relatives and travellers. Light a candle and get some inner rest. Most of all, enjoy the season - and enjoy it all you can, in these times of unrest, wars and fighting.

We at Amphincy want to wish all the best to all of you out there - have a peaceful, blissful holiday season and get well into the New Year!