Wednesday, Jul 28, 2021
Summer scene
Another month again? Oh dear - time flies! And it was a beautiful month. Not. A month of disaster and destruction, when all everybody was hoping for were a few days of sunshine and vacations. Let's see what was happening, now and back then.
Wednesday, Jun 30, 2021
June (credits: Monika Grünwald)
June is ending, and the summer has officially started. This is, it seems, the month of nature events. During the rush hour of the bees buzzing through lavender bushes, let's see what has happened, now and back then.
Wednesday, May 26, 2021
May blossoms

May, oh May, you colorful month! Everything is in bloom, birds are singing, and we have been surprised by rather lots of rain recently. Feels like April, but is a month later - so what's happening, now and back then?

Thursday, Apr 29, 2021
April in bloom
April is there, with fully blown snow showers and nice warm days outside - and hooray, at least we are allowed outside! While all of us keep waiting for vaccines and an end of this painful, everlasting lockdown, the world keeps turning. So, what's been happening this month, now and back then?
Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021
Spring walks in, and it's soon Easter.
The first flowers are peeking out, birds are going crazy, and Easter is soon coming. It's March already and yet, we're all confined and waiting for the world to become our oyster again.