"Living documentation" - a lightning talk by Zvonimir Bošnjak

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 - Posted by Mirta Medanic
Lightning Talk

A lightning talk is a brief informal gathering where colleagues exchange ideas, hacks, and best practices. At Amphinicy we have introduced this type of meeting to ignite conversation between teams and help each other in our everyday tasks.

The first lightning talk was delivered by Zvonimir Bošnjak, a senior software engineer at Amphinicy, explaining documentation in software projects. If you are a developer you might agree this is not the most interesting job to do, especially when it comes to projects with frequent change requests and tight schedules. Zvonimir's team found a way to make maintaining technical documentation easier. They are using a combination of a flowchart and diagram tool, markdown files, and Pandoc, to generate PDF files that look nice and could be easily shared with management and customers. Besides that, the documentation generated in this way serves the developers themselves: understand the project itself, how the system works, and, of course, how the code is organized.

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