Education in Amphinicy - 2018 overview

Friday, Jan 25, 2019 - Posted by Mia Basic
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As we leave 2018 behind and bravely enter 2019 with excitement about new projects, new knowledge and new challenges, we also take some time to reflect on the year behind and all that we learned in 2018. 

We pride ourselves in putting a big emphasis on education and improving our knowledge in all areas of expertise. The year 2018 was sure an interesting one - we attended conferences, workshops, had soft skills workshops and had a lot of internal lectures, tech sync meetings and demos. Of course, during the year, a lot of our colleagues took some time to learn new things during working hours, listening to great online lectures. So, as you can see, we spared no time in improving ourselves because we are aware of the importance of lifelong learning - it is the only way we can keep up with all of the novelties in the IT world and give our clients the best service there is while being satisfied with our progress. In total - we had an average of 44 hours of education per employee this year - a bit more than one work-week, which is an accomplishment we are very proud of! 

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Our go-to online source of online educational materials was mostly Udemy, per our colleagues choice, and some of the topics they covered were Angular, HTML, CSS, Python and others. We also attended conferences - both in Croatia, and abroad. At the beginning of the year, we went to JavaCro and DORS/CLUC conferences in Croatia and networked with our colleagues locally, while obtaining new knowledge. In June, we cooled off in Iceland, while deepening our knowledge in Go on Gophercon Europe, which was really an exciting experience. At the end of the summer, our UX Designer went to Web Summer Camp to hear what’s new in that area of expertise. Traditionally, in October, almost a third of our company went to WebCamp Zagreb, a very well-put local conference with a lot of great talks and workshops. Finally, we finished the year with going to two Belgian conferences - Devoxx Belgium and NG-BE.

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We also had an abundance of internal lectures, covering all sorts of topics, from Kotlin, Kafka, FPGA to GraphQL, Docker, Swift, Angular libraries and Angular testing - basically everything our colleagues were working on and working with this year and wanted to share the knowledge with the rest of the team. 

Finally, we had a 9-hour-long soft skills workshop, divided into three 3-hour-long workshops for everyone in the company: software developers, company management, project managers and non-development employees, as we are well aware that we must not lose focus of improving ourselves in the soft-skills area as well as in technical skills. 

So, as you can see, we have a very interesting year behind us, and we expect nothing less of 2019!