Amphinicy Pirates on a Team Building!

Monday, Oct 27, 2014 - Posted by Iva Biuk
Team building

One day, early morning, we set sail towards our inevitable future. Our team building management team have decided that this year they would like to take us, their fearsome pirate team, to the exhaustible rafting and never ending walk to the deepest forest in the heart of Croatia‘s beautiful region, Gorski kotar, with its breathtaking river Kupa.

So, there we were, all together. Riding towards Gorski kotar. Singing all those “pirate” songs and gathering courage. Until our eyes saw the truth - we arrived to the unreachable coast of the river. The boats already awaited. We all ran, making our way with the machetes, to our boats, yelling “Ahoy matey! And ladies, of course!” and started sailing along the depths of river Kupa itself.


So, “row, row, row, your boat, gently down the stream…” wasn’t exactly what you would say about our state of mind while we were trying to find our way through the waves and towards the hidden treasure, but the laughter said it all - we were lost in our minds, lost at the sea... khm, river, that is. Until we finally reached the forgotten coast, starved and unshaved, looking for a drop to warm our souls.


But, there was no rest for us. We were determined to find the Mad Cap’n Amphys treasure and, as the last rays of sun were setting over the horizon, we gathered last reserves of our breath and started colonizing the impervious forest of Gorski kotar. The treasure was hidden somewhere near the spring called Green Whirlpool and although we spent our last breath to climb to it, we couldn’t find it. And therefore we gathered the bravest and the smartest and leaving the wounded and old behind, walked towards the last point of our trip - the Devil’s Pass. And there it was, waiting for us. The purest and most beautiful of them all. The hope of our dreams. The inner peace… Well, you get the point.


Tired and exhausted we went home, finding our way through the deepest darkness, gathering the left ones and settling in the Fužine village.

Well, there was some rummaging and pillaging that night - singing old combat songs, and drinking rum and almighty grog. But we all knew what is being prepared for us early next morning, so we managed to take a few good hours of sleep. Hardly.

On our second day, not even the thickest rain and the muddiest mud couldn’t stagger the determination in our hearts to find the real adventure and we were all ready to tackle the next errand that the destiny has brought to us. But the merciless people of town Fužine determined that no stew is gonna be boiled on that kind of weather and that we should all go home to our families. So with warmth in our hearts and gold in our pockets we left the weapons and withdrew to the homeland, leaving adventures for the other fearless pirates to be.

So long, matey, until the next sea tide!