Passive satellite ranging
Passive satellite ranging can be simply described as 'reverse GPS': multiple time-synchronized ground stations in the satellite footprint are used to range (locate) a satellite using high-precision correlation algorithms.

One of the main advantages of such system is that the highly accurate orbit determination is done without any disruption to the satellite's service and without knowledge of its planned maneuvers.  The overall solution covers station configuration (including all required hardware and subsystems via respective protocols), measurement computing and result streaming to orbit determination systems. Once a specific measurement plan is configured, all the required actions are automated via scheduled tasks for autonomous operation which additionally minimizes the cost of ranging operations. Besides orbital prediction of geostationary satellites, such system can be used for MEO satellites as well, which is of imperative importance today when we witness almost exponential growth of satellite constellations.

Amphinicy is proud to be a part of such project and provide its expertise in development of complex software solutions for the satellite industry.