Marko Juričić joins Amphinicy as Junior Python Software Engineer

Wednesday, Nov 03, 2021
Marko joins Amphinicy

As of 25 October, Marko Juričić has joined the Amphinicy team in Zagreb as a Junior Python Software Engineer.

Marko is specialized in both the telecommunications industry and in network administration, and his emphasis lies on the automation of processes and on the development of in-house web applications. In most of his prior projects he has been working in Python with Django Framework, but he also has an experience in C++, focusing on game development that he busied himself with in his leisure time.

Almost all of his free time is spent hanging around with his five roommates: 3 cats, one cat thinking it is a dog, and a dog. In addition, during that time he likes playing all types of video games, and regardless of their genre.

Hello again, Marko! It's nice to have you onboard.