Contract with ESA signed for ViSAGE project

Monday, Jan 30, 2023
ViSAGE Visual

Amphinicy Luxembourg recently signed a contract with ESA, with the support of LSA (Luxembourg Space Agency), for the novel ViSAGE project, in the frame of the ESA "ARTES Core Competitiveness programme" call for proposals. This is a project of immense strategic importance for Amphinicy Luxembourg, as it's providing initial funding to boost Amphinicy’s presence into ground segment virtualisation. 
ViSAGE is the acronym for 'Virtualised Software Ad-hoc Architectures for Ground (station) Equipment" and aims at orchestrating an entirely software-based ground segment, which may serve wherever needed, and at any moment. The entire feasibility phase is expected to be completed within ~18 months. 
Currently, ground stations rely on hardware-based modems for the transmission and reception of data, while an entirely virtual and cloud-ready ground station may be set up to connect anywhere and at any moment. There is no need to assemble and install mission-specific modems anymore. ViSAGE will be designed to support Gov Com, SatCom, Newspace, and academic projects during the Definition, Realisation, and Operation phases. 
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