messaging application

Want to send SMS or e-mail via TV? No problem.

Messaging application is an interactive TV application that directly targets consumer market. It is deployed on the customer's equipment (i.e. TV set-top-box) in his home and it offers various functionalities in the field of personal communication.

By using the application, users are able to receive, send and manage various types of messages including SMS, MMS and e-mail, by simply using the remote control of their TV sets. Furthermore, advanced features of the application allow users to have chats with both TV users and users having accounts on internet messaging services.

From a provider's point of view, this is a killer application for cable or satellite operators who can provide messaging services to their audience/subscribers. Using the TV sets for communication the same way that we use computers or mobile phones is truly interactive, isn't it? Our engineers have developed all of the necessary tools to put this into reality.