Cross-Polarization Management System for Sat3Play®

Cross polarization interference is a serious problem for VSAT service providers using two-way satellite communication technologies. Sat3Play®, a leading broadband IP over satellite technology, is no exception.

Automated VSAT Commissioning System

Calibrating and configuring VSATs for entry into satellite communication networks is a persistent issue for satellite communication providers. Our Automated VSAT Commissioning System largely automates this process.

Remote Commissioning Application

A customer was tired of having his installers carry large amounts of equipment on-site for the installation. Amphinicy Technologies mobile development team implemented an all-in-one commissioning solution for iOS based devices.

MENOS Billing System

A billing system for the MENOS satellite broadcasting system.

Geolocation Services

A robust, powerful and scalable geolocation service provides the basis for location-based personalized product recommendations or real-time air or maritime tracking.

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