Ground Station Simulator

In-Orbit Satellite tests require simulation of the satellite, ground segment and signal propagtion before real launching mission. We are the experts in this area.

Station Simulator simulates the ground segment of an in-orbit satellite testing system (IOTS). The ground segment contains a number of RF instruments connected to a specific RF schema according to which each instrument displays its measurement value.

The aim of the Station Simulator is to completely simulate all instruments in an RF schema, signal-to-satellite propagation path and some satellite parameters. This way IOTS test procedures can be validated even before a satellite is launched and even before the ground station is constructed. The system is completely XML configurable to suit a number of ground stations and is based on Java related technologies and open-source solutions.

There is a whole industry segment that is in need of simulator applications and many companies drive their businesses on their results. Having implemented the simulator applications we have gained knowledge and experience which can help our customers to get the results done on time, and most of the time, at a fraction of the original price.

Ground Station Simulator

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