Earth-Observation Telemetry Validation System

Earth observations satellites are out of ground stations' antenna reach most of the time. The data payload they quickly accumulate has to be retrieved in short intervals when communication is possible. Therefore, communication has to be fast, robust and any potential problems should be detected as early as possible.

The EOTVS is a system designed to test those kinds of data transfers. It is capable of configuring ground station equipment to acquire data, analyze it and write detailed reports about the process.

The system can accept data on one or two channels (up to 1.3Gbit/s), work independently as long as sufficient disk space is available, retrieve and analyze CCSDS telemetry data - CADU, VCDU and ISP content, handle scrambled content and correct errors. It also provides tools for later analysis of the captured content, such as a frame and packet-level data explorer, a binary comparison tool and detailed information in the database and XML reports for ad hoc custom analysis.

The system provides a graphical user interface which is remotely accessible and includes M&C features like alarm management, system state overview, management and data acquisition preparation and progress overview components, among others.

Earth-Observation Telemetry Validation System

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