DVB Stream Management

How to add a new DVB service or update a DVB stream? Here is the CIMP!

CIMP stands for Central Insertion and Monitoring Point and was a multi-segmented system comprised of several important units. The system was meant to be an integral part of Broadband Interactive (BBI). BBI was SES-Astra's proof of concept - two-way broadband satellite service based on TCP/IP over DVB-S and DVB-RCS. In fact, this was proof of concept for DVB-RCS.

Each segment of the CIMP system operates in a High-Availability cluster and satellite operators use it for completely transparent integration of new services, changing stream parameters, sending new tuning information to network HUBs, etc.

This state-of-the-art application is an example of customer-tailored applications Amphinicy Technologies develops in order to perform specific customer requested tasks.

DVB Stream Management

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