Ground Station Simulator

In-Orbit Satellite tests require simulation of the satellite, ground segment and signal propagtion before real launching mission. We are the experts in this area.

Satellite Footprint Measurement

Satellite Performance Measurement System (SAPMES) is a transportable station system deployed on the edges of a satellite footprint. Such stations perform continuous signal testing and measurements and also do data backups and reporting.

Professional User Interfaces

User-friendly monitoring of RF instruments is a relief for every operator.

Fleet Telemetry Monitoring

A system for monitoring and storing satellite telemetry with basic signal analysis. Perfect for operators in Network Operation Center.

DVB Stream Management

How to add a new DVB service or update a DVB stream? Here is the CIMP!

Earth-Observation Telemetry Validation System

Earth observations satellites are out of ground stations' antenna reach most of the time. The data payload they quickly accumulate has to be retrieved in short intervals when communication is possible. Therefore, communication has to be fast, robust and any potential problems should be detected as early as possible.

Passive Satellite Ranging

Passive Satellite Ranging is in fact reverse GPS. It is formed by multiple ground stations, each containing complete RF chains, to range (locate) a satellite.  

The main advantage of this  a system is in its passivity. It just has to make sure all the ground station are tuned to  the same signal from the satellite (e.g. specific TV station signal) and it can range the satellite using correlation algorithms.

Aircraft Traffic Tracking Via Satellite

To this day, aircrafts flying over non-radar airspace (NRA) have no systematic, frequent mechanism of reporting their position and flight status to the ground control. The lack of such a mechanism caused the wreck of the infamous flight AF447 not to be found for almost 2 years.

Mission Operation Center - Monitor and Control

One of the main tasks of the Mission Operation Center (MOC) is to coordinate the data transmissions from and to the satellite(s) when they are within reach of the ground stations. To do so, MOC needs to monitor and control different parts of the system and align them with operational procedures. MOC M&C is based on the generic MONICA framework.

Mission Operation Center – System Simulation

GSTSIM supports verification and validation of the EDRS subsystems. It is used during development cycles and for testing new software versions.

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