iTV Games

Feel like playing chess on your TV with a friend in New Zealand?

Messaging Application

Want to send SMS or e-mail via TV? No problem.

Weather Forecast

What is the weather tomorrow? Provide each TV viewer with a tailor-made weather forecast.

3D TV User Interfaces

Are you disappointed by the lack of 3DTV content? Are you annoyed by the fact that you have to take your 3D glasses off to browse your EPG? So were we – until we developed our interactive 3DTV platform. It lets you immerse into 3D and makes sure you stay that way.

Amphinicy Digital Content Distribution Platform

You are interested in a VoD platform? But wait, video is not the only digital content you have to manage and distribute? We have a solution for you!

Bookvica - Digital Education Platform

We believe in technology and innovations!

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