Amphinicy Receives Funds from Horizon 2020!

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015

Zagreb, August 25th 2015 - Amphinicy Technologies is proud to announce - we have signed a grant agreement with the European Commission! Our product, Blink, an ultra-fast processor of data 20 times faster than the NASA library, is now officially financed by Horizon 2020 programme - the SME Instrument.

This is a great honour as Amphinicy Technologies is the first Croatian company winning funding in this instrument in the SPACE topic, and the second one ever. Furthermore, we have entered the club of the best 6% EU companies getting SME Instrument funds so far.

Blink is an ultra-fast processor of data received from Earth observation satellites, which is a skyrocketing market. Thanks to exceptionally efficient processing algorithms, Blink is already 20 times faster than the existing reference NASA software and is getting even faster.

The direct impact of Blink is going to include much faster processing of remote information from space and allow more appropriate reaction on global events. Blink will help previously impossible space missions come to life and will make other missions easier to manage, more productive and significantly cheaper to set up. Ultimately, it will enable faster humanitarian reaction in emergency situations (earthquakes, floods, migration crisis…), extend security and defence (border controls), and heavily improve agriculture, ecology, logistics, and many more fields where Earth observation data provide valuable support. If you are intersted in knowing more about Blink, feel free to read this:

Based on both technological superiority and global impact, Blink was recognized as an innovative project by HAMAG-BICRO agency in 2013, when it funded the Proof of Concept (PoC) phase of the project. PoC phase results have exceeded our expectations - exceptional speed of data processing at a significantly lower cost.

After such remarkable results in the PoC phase, we have decided to apply for the SME Instrument in the SPACE topic. After a very positive evaluation from four independent EU evaluators - here we are - Blink got funded! What makes us even happier and more proud is the fact that our project proposal was evaluated with the best score in our category, among the total of 46 participants from all around Europe.

Many credits go to our prime consultant, Ms. Tajana Barančić, from Astra Consulting, who steered our submission into the right direction and made strikingly valuable comments and suggestions. Acknowledgements also go to HAMAG-BICRO and MINPO for organizing a great workshop for Horizon 2020 programme, Mr. Boris Golob for recognizing the potential of Blink and supporting us throughout the whole process, and all others who had been involved in this successful adventure.

What’s next? Well, we are entering the application for Phase 2 of SME Instrument in order to create a world-wide reference product. In the next six months, we are going to build a feasibility study and gather as much feedback from the major European space industry stakeholders as possible, in order to properly tailor Blink and the business model behind it.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 699132.

This article reflects only our view and the European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

Amphinicy Receives Funds from Horizon 2020!

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