Monica provides a complete solution for
monitoring and control of any kind of instrument,
be it a software module or a physical device.

Use it as an out-of-the-box solution or as a framework for building tailored complex systems.

It's up to you!

Schema Overview

Schema Overview

Smart people often say “what you see is what you get”. This is exactly the reason why we pay special care to the presentation layer of the MONICA system.

MONICA's schema mimic approach can visualize everything from simplest to most complex systems. Multiple inter-connected schemas can represent various hierarchical organisations of data and can allow drill-down access to the relevant information.

Alarms are instantly propagated through schema levels (from bottom to top-level view), so no important indicator is missed in a large amount of data. This way the operator benefits from a quick and surgical approach to the important indicators.

Schema mimics are fully adjustable and the administrator can draw and configure them on his own or with the help of MONICA's technical support.

Schema Overview

Charting & Reporting

Real-time and historical data charts, with a rich set of included chart types.

You can have many charts in one view and configure them independently.

Configured chart views can be saved and re-used later.

Exportable in a variety of formats (PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG).

You can design your own reports and generate them manually or according to a schedule. Generated reports can be prepared in various formats (PDF, DOCX, HTML, XLS) and sent by e-mail.

Alarms & Logging

As a reliable and prompt alarming system, Monica includes most efficient notification types (GUI notifications, SMS and e-mail messages) and automatic alarm actions (script executions and instrument parameter configuration).

Logging of system-wide events is one of the main features any M&C system should support. Yet, sometimes it’s hard to see a single event through the whole forest of events.

A system which helps avoiding this trap is a winning system! That's why MONICA allows configuration of the logging rate per instrument or per parameter.

Monica supports different logging mechanisms:
regular DB, round-robin DB, time series DB, Syslog, remote file, etc.

Rule Manager

Anything can be a rule in MONICA. Since the decision-making process is based on an extremely powerful rule engine, an operator can define different actions and conditions in a very convenient and easy way. 

Only a few minutes are needed to make the system rule based on the operator’s idea: choose the devices, make a logical condition, click – and there you are.

It has never been easier to define conditions which trigger various actions, e.g. switching to a new uplink chain, or turning on the light and buzzer, or maybe just sending an SMS or e-mail to an operator as a warning of an alarm.


Automation of any kind of monitoring or controlling action is powered by script commands and their executions can be scheduled, started manually, from mimic, or automatically when an alarm is received.

User-friendly editor with syntax colours, row numbers, snippets, instrument & parameter name auto-completion.


A good M&C allows you to automate and schedule actions so you don't have to do them manually.
A great M&C includes a powerful, flexible scheduler with recurrence, exceptions and e-mail delivery that can be set up in a blink of an eye.

Besides manual execution, MONICA's cron-like scheduler allows you to schedule your scripts and reports - not only from GUI, but by directly calling its REST API (from outside systems) as well.

User-friendly and fast scheduled job creation, e-mail reports and execution history are just some of the convenient features that provide everything needed for scheduled system operations to run smoothly and efficiently.

Look & Feel

Beside all these functionalities, MONICA also takes care in making the everyday operator's work pleasant.
Therefore the operators are provided with the ability to choose custom themes (colors, fonts, icons), set logo of their company or even configure MONICA's menu in their own intuitive way.

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