Architectures of Modern Enterprise Applications

Posted by Marko Previšić on Monday, Dec 05, 2016
Starship Enterprise (NX-01), source: Memory Alpha

An enterprise application is a kind of software that is commonly characterised by its complexity and largeness. 

Enterprise applications usually have a large number of layers and require a good up-front design to meet requirements regarding quality, scalability, performance, maintainability and many others. The requirements are rising rapidly, just like the needs of businesses to stay competitive.

Software architecture paradigms are constantly evolving to address those requirements. The following are the trends in modern enterprise application development.

WebCamp 2016, Another Take

Posted by Ivan Ačkar on Wednesday, Nov 16, 2016
source: WebCamp Zagreb 2016 official web page (screenshot)

This year again a lot of our developers and designers attended the annual WebCamp Zagreb conference. The conference was sold out the day before the opening, and unlike before the attendance was exceptional. Luckily, the organization was superb so enough coffee, tea, and even fruit, was just around the corner, while at the same time you could’ve been persuaded by the sponsors to make a (dramatic?) shift in your career at any moment. All in all, I’ve compiled a couple of opinions on some of the talks, which remained to be quite diverse in topics, but less focused on front-end web technologies; WebCamp might even rename itself some day!

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